Juggernaut.Case™ Ruggedizes Commercial Smartphones for Law Enforcement

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz., March 26, 2019 — Juggernaut, LLC today announced the deployment of its ruggedized Juggernaut.Case for law enforcement and other first responders. With over 45,000 cases already fielded for military use, law enforcement agencies can now embrace this technology while protecting life, property and evidence in often hazardous environments.

The Juggernaut.Case IMPCT™ is a ruggedized polymer case designed to protect Apple and Samsung smartphones from drops and impact (MIL-STD-810G-rated). The lightweight and low-profile case pairs with various mounts and easily connects to communications platforms. Specific for law enforcement, IMPCT cases enable the use of mobile apps such as: Blueforce Solutions, computer-aided dispatch (CAD) systems, and Team Awareness Kit (TAK), empowering agents and officers to employ apps tailored to LE and public safety.

“Eight years ago, the U.S. Army’s Nett Warrior program began using the Juggernaut.Case to bring commercial smartphones to the battlefield,” said Randall Toltzman, principal at Juggernaut. “Now that same technology supports first responders across law enforcement, fire, rescue, safety and medical to deploy their phones in even the most punishing environments.”

By ruggedizing commercial smartphones and tablets, Juggernaut.Case enables first responders to use their devices no matter the conditions. And by extending wireless communications wherever they go, law enforcement agents and officers can more readily deploy mobile technologies that speed operations and improve safety.

“Juggernaut.Case does a great job protecting smartphones for our force,” said Chief Russell at the Meade Police Department. “At up to a fifth of the cost of alternative equipment, Juggernaut.Case meets budget constraints for adding mobility to our tech, plus provides a forward-compatible design that extends service life as new smartphones are released.”

IMPCT cases for Samsung smartphones can leverage Samsung DeX software to connect to external screens—such as HAVIS touchscreens and keyboards—for desktop-like control and running virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) solutions. In effect, smartphones act as the computer for the system when docked, then go with officers when they leave the vehicle.

The Juggernaut.Case SLEEV™ is also available to protect tablet devices such as the Samsung Galaxy Tab Active 2 and Tab S4.

“We are seeing Juggernaut.Case become the industry standard for both military and first responders,” said Chris Stalzer, principal at Juggernaut. “And we are excited to bring mobile technology to every environment with our ruggedized design.”

For more information or to order Juggernaut.Case equipment, cases, mounts, cables, and other accessories visit www.juggcase.com

About Juggernaut

Founded in 2000, Juggernaut is the authority in rugged design—bringing innovation and expertise to products that must survive challenging environments. The company provides a full range of product development capabilities, supporting industrial design, engineering and prototyping, to production release. Juggernaut has built a reputation for excellence working with key branches of the U.S. military and prime defense contractors, building unmatched experience in the development of soldier-borne systems. Uniting the Juggernaut Design and the Juggernaut Defense teams under one roof, the company brings military-grade rugged design to the rest of the world. Learn more at https://juggernautdesign.com 

About Juggernaut.Case

Juggernaut.Case is the industry commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) standard for bringing digital connectivity to the dismounted warfighter or first responder. Juggernaut’s mission to ruggedize smartphones and tablets for the battlefield or emergency environment is fulfilled with its diverse products designed, engineered and manufactured in the United States. With over 45,000 cases/mounts deployed, Juggernaut.Case supports ATAK, APASS, Blueforce, computer-aided dispatch (CAD), KILLSWITCH and other applications running on select Apple and Samsung devices. Learn more at http://www.JuggCase.com

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