Phoenix Company Launches XYLARRA — First Antimicrobial Nail Polish for a Beautiful Clean

Proprietary Formula Brings Fight Against Germs to Your Fingertips  

PHOENIX, November 17, 2022 / EIN Presswire / — Phoenix-based Sketchy Etchy, LLC today announced the launch of its ZYLARRA hygienic nail products: The first line of antimicrobial nail polish products where the antimicrobial nail top coat stays on your nails (until the polish either wears off or is removed), so even when you wash your hands the antimicrobial benefits remain.

“ZYLARRA was created out of a passion and need to make a product I love to use better,” says Ann Marshall, founder and CEO. “When COVID-19 hit, I started to look at everything I did, how I kept things clean, and what products I was using. The pandemic made me a little bit of a germophobe, and I couldn’t find any nail products that killed germs and helped keep my nails clean. I didn’t want to stop using nail polish, so I decided to create the type of product that could help protect me.”

ZYLARRA products contain a proprietary metallic compound. Certain metals and metal alloys are natural antimicrobial materials, which have been used in different applications for decades to kill bacteria, fungi and certain viruses. The antimicrobial ingredients in ZYLARRA remain suspended in the nail polish so that a typical application on a person’s nails leaves an invisible coating of antimicrobial material on the nail surface.

These antimicrobial properties of ZYLARRA products continue to work as long as the product remains on your nails. The company’s gloss and matte top coats will combat the growth of harmful microorganisms on your fingernails for approximate seven days with normal activities—lasting as long as most other top coats typically last. ZYLARRA’s strength nail treatment is designed to be applied on bare nails only and nourishes and hydrates nails while providing antimicrobial protection for at least five days.

“ZYLARRA was developed with an innovative chemist who figured out how to blend metallic antimicrobials into a variety of household sanitizers and products, though he wasn’t thinking about their uses in personal care until we connected,” explains Marshall. “All three ZYLARRA formulas are clear, so ZYLARRA can be used on top of regular colored polish or a professional manicure. It can also be used on bare nails to bring its antimicrobial benefits. Our products are 100% blended and filled in the United States—21 Free, Cruelty-Free, and Vegan. For a beautiful clean, try ZYLARRA polish today.”

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ZYLARRA is the original antimicrobial nail top coat and treatment—reducing harmful microbes, germs and bacteria on your fingers. Produced by Sketchy Etchy, LLC headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona, ZYLARRA products were developed with a world-renowned chemist to add antimicrobial ingredients to nail polish that continues to fight germs as long as the product stays on your fingernails. ZYLARRA products are 100% blended and filled in the United States—21 Free, Cruelty-Free, and Vegan. For a great looking beautiful clean, visit