Jones Communications Helps
International Technology Companies Open
U.S. Markets

The United States imported nearly $637 billion in
advanced technology products in 2023!

Jones Communications brings over 20 years of experience in technology marketing and can be your vanguard in the United States . . . feet on the street in America, so to speak.

Drive U.S. Revenues

Specifically for international firms, we can create messaging to drive U.S. sales—consistent with your brand and localized for American audiences—spanning advertising, articles, blogs, content marketing, press releases, sales collateral, social media, white papers, and much more.

Establish a Physical Presence in America

Plus Jones Communications can provide an in-person presence in America—meeting with partners and prospects, even attending conferences and events—to open U.S. markets, speed business opportunities, and extend your brand.

Ensure Successful U.S. Customer Experiences

And we are committed to excellent customer experiences to cultivate a strong reputation for your technology in the States.  Our communications and management support the entire customer life cycle from awareness and discovery, through sales, account management, and retention.

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Advanced technology

Go-to-Market Services and Deliverables:
  • U.S. Market Research and Strategy — audience and messaging
  • Inbound Marketing — content marketing via articles, blogs, press releases, social media, white papers, etc.
  • Outbound Marketing — direct mail and email outreach campaigns
  • Business Development — supporting U.S. conferences and trade shows, signing new partnerships, managing channel marketing
  • Sales Support — developing sales collateral and responding to American RFPs
  • Retention Marketing — nurturing programs to maximize customer satisfaction and retention
  • Advocacy Programs — developing brand advocates and leveraging customer success metrics for testimonials, referrals, case studies, joint press, etc.