infOsci Offers Royalty-Free Ci4™ Security License to Protect 2020 Elections

Election Security Partnership to Address Voter Confidence During Contentious Political Cycle

WASHINGTON, DC, September 3, 2019 — infOsci, LLC today announced the offer of a royalty-free license of the company's patented Ci4 security technology to any entity—public or private sector—that will develop and deploy the Ci4 solution to protect the 2020 election.

A recent article from The Hill notes that the Senate Intelligence Committee released its long-awaited bipartisan report on election security, recommending that Congress should consider providing additional funding for states to secure elections. Further, the Senate report examines the Russian digital probes of U.S. electoral infrastructure, stating “the results are frightening. Russian operatives made preparations to disrupt election procedures on Election Day. Putin’s cyberwarriors showed particular interest in highly vulnerable voter-registration lists.”

Addressing the Senate’s concerns, “the inventors of Ci4 believe in the value of fair elections and ensuring our democratic processes are followed,” said John Ellingson, managing member of infOsci. “We are eager to partner with election security organizations—government, NGO, NPO, or commercial—ready to protect the integrity of next year’s election cycle.”

infOsci’s Ci4 technology provides continuous authentication through a breakthrough security process, a new method based on the elimination of key exchanges and the use of dynamically updated rule sets that only authenticated endpoints understand. By removing device authentication from trusted passwords and certificates, Ci4 technology alleviates the need for users to keep passwords and credentials secret, instead allowing devices to authenticate each other based on continuous dynamic authentication.

Regarding U.S. elections, Ci4 could readily be deployed to voting machines and voter registration databases, across campaign donation processes, or for securing social media, lobbying, polling, and reporting communications.

“Election security will be critical in 2020,” said Caroline Lynch, founder of Copper Hill Strategies and advisor to infOsci. “In response to the documented 2016 foreign interference, states are rightly seeking technological solutions to preserve the integrity of the 2020 election process. Ci4 can secure election processes necessary to ensure results align to the will of the people.”

Based on the premise that every security credential will eventually be compromised, the Ci4 process enables devices to perform machine-to-machine authentication and protect communications through a system of unpredictable and ever-changing credentials to continually secure computing devices. Any connected system that relies upon authenticated endpoints can leverage this unique new security model, as Ci4 protects everything from blockchains to digital wallets, mobile phones to medical devices, voting machines to military systems, industrial control systems (ICS), utilities, and other critical infrastructure.

Interested partners are invited to contact Jim Jochum at Jochum, Shore & Trossevin in Washington, DC, telephone (202) 281-4886 or email for details and licensing terms.

About infOsci, LLC

infOsci is a technology company based in northern Virginia with deep roots in the U.S. intelligence community and information security. The company's patented Ci4™ technology eliminates the risk associated with passwords, digital certificates, and public key infrastructure (PKI) where static credentials can be hacked, spoofed, or stolen. Ci4 instead leverages a revolutionary system of dynamic and ever-changing credentials for perpetually securing networked systems of devices. This new security framework also speeds remediation and recovery from attacks, allowing organizations to resume security and connectivity faster than current architectures. Ci4 technology delivers security in a world that cannot keep secrets. For more information, visit


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