infOsci Announces Internet of Things (IoT) Patent

WASHINGTON, DC, March 13, 2018 — infOsci, LLC, a disruptive technology company with deep roots in the intelligence community and information security, announced today that the United States Patent Office has issued a notice of allowance for a patent application extending the company’s intellectual property to the Internet of Things (IoT). The allowed application is a continuation of U.S. Patent No. 9,722,806 and protects the use of dynamic transitory identities in IoT devices.

infOsci’s patented Ci4™ technology uniquely replaces the decades-old and vulnerable public key infrastructure (PKI) security paradigm popularized in 1976 and still in use today. The current PKI system relies on individuals maintaining the secrecy of credentials (passwords or keys) that can be lost, hacked or stolen at any time leading to billions of dollars in annual losses to the economy and the compromising of personal data.

“Ci4 technology effectively rekeys the locks,” says infOsci managing member, John Ellingson. “Our new technology distributes keys dynamically, continuously and automatically to secure devices without the need for secrecy.” With Ci4 security systems, regardless of how an attacker might acquire a security credential, connected devices remain protected along with the privacy of the user’s data.

infOsci’s Ci4 technology changes the way companies, governments, organizations, and individuals can secure electronic devices—whether that device is a smartphone, network server, computer, medical device, battlefield device, or any device that is connected to the Internet of Things.

infOsci’s Patent Portfolio

Ciis easily deployable across virtually every industry, from healthcare to financial services, from social networks to VPNs, and from IoT to critical infrastructure. This disruptive new technology provides secure authentication and encryption to every endpoint. At this time, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has awarded two broad method patents to infOsci for its revolutionary technological approach to security.

Patent No. 9,722,803

About infOsci

infOsci is a disruptive technology start-up based in Northern Virginia. The company’s patented Ci4 technology brings cyber security into the Twenty-First Century by creating a new security authentication method to digital devices. This technology provides companies, governments, and other organizations with cyber resilience by replacing obsolete and insecure digital certificates (PKI) with dynamic certificates. Ci4 technology delivers security in a world that cannot keep secrets. For more information, visit

infOsci was recently featured in Business Week

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